Why is Fairtrade necessary?

Argentina may be one of the fastest growing wine nations in the world, but it is still a developing country and large parts of its wine production relies on growers and their workers living and working in small, rural, poor communities, with often basic local services.

In particular they are often in need of a constant water supply and clean drinking water in what can be hot, hostile and very difficult conditions.

It is why Fairtrade and its many projects and services have become an important part of winemaking in Argentina.

The La Rioja province, where the majority of La Riojana’s co-operative members live and work is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the country, but it is also one of the most remote.

It is why La Riojana has made Fairtrade a fundamental part of our co-operative model.

We are only as strong as our collective self and by following Fairtrade principles and working with the right trading partners we have been able to raise enough funds to be able to invest in vital services for not just our immediate La Riojana growers and workers but for their families, friends and the wider communities in which they live.

In particular La Riojana has been able to prioritise Fairtrade projects that provide clean running water, and improved healthcare and education services to our members. This has involved the building of a dedicated well, reservoir and water storage facility in the village of Tilimuqui along with a new secondary school and soon to be built new health centre.