Located in the beautiful Famatina Valley, deep in the heart of La Rioja province with a family of 500 growers, La Riojana is Argentina's largest wine co-operative and is one of the country's top 10 wine exporters, producing a wide variety of award-winning Fairtrade and Organic wines for markets all over the world.

Our Products

We offer a varied range of varietals & styles, including Fairtrade & Organic wines. Our brands include Ecologica, RazaLa Posada, Riojana & Tilimuqui as well as private label.

Through Fairtrade we are able to ease the day to day challenges faced by many of our workers and their families.  Click here to find out more about our Fairtrade projects.

Organic Wine


La Riojana was first certified as an organic wine producer back in 2000 and has since grown to become one of Argentina's largest producers of organic wine.