Sustainable Beliefs

As well as providing support through Fairtrade, La Riojana is also 100% committed to working with our members in a way that is not only sustainable to their way of life, but also the health and future of the land, the environment and the soils from which we make our wine.

We work hard to develop and implement projects that reduce our carbon footprint across the co-operative.

We were one of the first Argentine wineries to introduce a carbon neutral programme for our entire winemaking process from grape to bottle. This has involved working with our growers in the vineyard, through our transport system, to the winemaking practices we follow in the winery.

We ultimately hope these practices will allow us to become carbon negative.

To achieve this we are committed to carrying out a carbon footprint audit that allows us to analyse the impact we are making and make changes and improvements.

This has involved offsetting our carbon emissions for exporting wine to countries around the world, for example, Sweden.