Organically Certified

La Riojana became certified as an organic producer in 2000 and has grown to become one of the country’s largest producers of organic wine.

We currently have over 345 hectares certified for organic production and organic wines make up approximately 12% of our total production, representing 44% of our European sales.

However our organic production is set to increase significantly over the coming years due to the ongoing conversion in our members’ vineyards to organic.

  • By 2017 we expect to see our organic production more than double.
  • By 2025, we expect our production to be 100% organic certified.

The 100% organic certification will be largely supported by a new and ambitious Fairtrade project, which will fund organic certification of 100% of our small-scale producers, at no cost to them.

This action will not only have a great impact on the environment, but also on a social and economic level, which in turn will benefit each family of our producers.