Wine Growing Paradise

The Famatina Valley is nothing short of a viticultural paradise, ideal for growing grapes capable of thriving in what can be harsh conditions with summer temperatures topping 45°C and rainfall of only 180mm a year.

Despite the near-desert conditions, crucially grapes can be grown in high altitude vineyards, ranging between 900 to 1,400 metres, on loam to sandy loam, alluvial type soils.

This means they can enjoy both the benefit of brilliant sunshine during long hot days and then the comfort of cold nights.

This is the ideal combination for growing superb healthy fruit, bringing depth and colour to the red wines and aroma and flavour to the whites.

The hot, sunny conditions are also ideal for organic wine growing vital to La Riojana’s winemaking philosophy as it means fewer insects, and pests, that can affect the grape.

We also use sheep in the vineyards to keep on top of vegetation and any pests and their manure helps fertilize the vines.

What’s more the Famatina valley is surrounded by the Andes, Famatina and El Velazco mountains, which run northwest to south east, providing good ventilation and protection to the vines.