Our Origins

The success of the La Riojana co-operative lies in the fact every one of our members is as important as each other, regardless of size or how long they have been part of the winery.

Vitally every member and every grower gets an equal vote in deciding what key steps and decisions the co-operative takes.

The foundations on which the La Riojana co-operative are built are what makes it unique. When Italian migrants first set up home in Argentina it was in the Famatina Valley in the remote northwest region of La Rioja.

As many of the migrants had been wine growers back home in Italy they looked to make their living by buying grapes and making wine. As more and more families came together the co-operative we know today as La Riojana was born.

Many of the 500 plus growers can trace their families back through four generations of working as part of the La Riojana co-operative.