Olive Oil

La Riojana produces its own range of Fairtrade and Fairtrade organic extra virgin olive oil. These come from selected olives grown in the Antinaco Valleys - Los Colorados in La Rioja province, one of the most important olive producing regions in South America.

We received Fairtrade certification for our olive oil in 2015, which not only makes us the first Fairtrade certified olive oil producer in Argentina but also the first in Latin America.

All the olive oil produced by La Riojana is Fairtrade certified, extra virgin olive oil and it is entirely first cold pressed, therefore preserves the nutrients.

Extra virgin Fairtrade olive oil

This is a balanced blend made from Arauco, Arbequina and Manzanilla olive varieties and has a ripe olive bouquet with notes of almonds and spices.

Extra virgin Fairtrade organic olive oil

This is a blend of Arauco and Manzanilla organic olive varieties, which are free from pesticides. This olive oil has an aroma of green and ripe olives, with notes of dried fruits and a combination of spicy and sweet flavours.