Fairtrade Is Central To Our Company’s Values

La Riojana co-operative is the largest producer of certified Fairtrade wine in the world, and we were Argentina’s first winery to be Fairtrade certified in 2006.

Since the very outset, our co-operative has always incorporated high ethical standards into our core values.

We have always been and continue to remain strongly committed to operating in a way that is fair and offers an equal way of doing business for our members.

These values are closely aligned to those of the Fairtrade movement and we feel proud that we were one of the first wineries to be certified Fairtrade in the world.

The Fairtrade Premium is benefiting many of our growers, workers and their families, and is making a real difference to their lives.

In recognition of our achievements in carrying out the best ethical practices, La Riojana was awarded the Drinks Business Green Awards Ethical Award in 2010.

“Our Fairtrade certification is very important to us primarily because the principles followed by Fairtrade are similar to those followed by our co-operative. The certification has enabled us to achieve social goals, which have greatly benefitted the community, our workers and members. The fact that we are Fairtrade and we have good quality wines has also allowed us to win over new markets and therefore increase in our exports.”

Mario Gonzalez, president, La Riojana co-operative