Wines produced by La Riojana, Argentina’s largest producer of Torrontés and the leading wine producer in La Rioja province, have come top in a recent study conducted by the UK’s top wine research agency Wine Intelligence aimed to discover taste perceptions of Torrontés in the UK.

La Riojana, which already has an excellent reputation for producing good quality Torrontés, participated in the consumer research with a single varietal Torrontés and a Torrontés / Chardonnay blend. Both of these wines were blind tasted in the price bracket £5 - £7.99 alongside a well known branded New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Australian Chardonnay, Italian Pinot Grigio, and resulted in being ranked highest. The study not only showed how the Torrontés produced by La Riojana were the favoured wines in their group, it also showed they were preferred by women and by younger drinkers in particular.

Nick Day, UK and Europe Sales Director comments: “We participated in the consumer research commissioned by Wines of Argentina not knowing what the outcome would be, and we are really pleased to see how the style and taste of our Torrontés wines, with their fresh, fruity and aromatic qualities, not only have commercial appeal to the UK consumer, but how they can also properly compete with today’s most popular white wine varieties in the UK.”

Day continues, “We believe that there is a fantastic opportunity for Torrontés in the UK and the recent research backs this. Given the size of our production, and the commercial, attractive style of our Torrontés, we feel we are very well placed for its future success. We plan to continue to work alongside Wines of Argentina to help raise consumer awareness of Argentina’s signature white grape variety and get as many as people as possible to try it. In our experience, once you have tried Torrontés, you will definitely be back for more!”