30th June 2015 marked a very special day in La Riojana's history, celebrating 75 years of producing top quality wines. 

The co-operative, which is made up of small and medium size wine and olive producers from the Famatina Valleys, first started business in 1940. From the very outset, La Riojana has followed a mission, guided by co-operative principles and competitive management, which allows the co-operative to support their individual members and help them bring their products to market in both Argentina and the rest of the world. 

Since its inception, La Riojana has experienced considerable growth in terms of both quality and quantity, using both technology and innovation to adapt its range of wines, grape juice and olive oil to the different commercial requirements and to the different markets. During 75 years of business, La Riojana has remained faithful to its values and has helped protect and take care of the small wine producers in the La Rioja province, enabling them to continue to produce and participate with dignity in a system that favours the individual over capital. 

La Riojana is celebrating its 75 years, knowing that their activity has great impact on the socio-economic activity of the Famatina Valleys, with a production of over 50 million kilos of grapes and 2 million kilos of olives. It is also the source of permanent employment for over 300 employees. 

This 75th anniversary is not only celebrating the footprint left by the great agricultural co-operative members who first established La Riojana with its local employees, it is also celebrating 75 years of strong links with customers, suppliers, as well as government and private institutions. With everyone of these, La Riojana would like to toast their first 75 years of production. Cheers!