We source our grapes from over approximately 4,125 hectares of vineyards, the majority of which are located within the picturesque and remote Famatina Valley, in La Rioja province, northwest Argentina.

The Famatina Valley, one of Argentina's best kept secrets, is itself a natural viticultural paradise with loam to sandy loam, alluvial type soil, high altitude vineyards (ranging from 900 to 1400 metres above sea level) which benefit from a combination of brilliant sunshine, warm days, cold nights and very low rainfall, which rarely exceeds 180mm per year.

The north-south orientation of the mountainous chains (Andes, Famatina and El Velazco mountains) provides the vineyards with good ventilation. The warm days and cold nights encourage the vines to give superb fruit and also help enhance the colour of the reds and the aroma and flavour in the white wines. The dry, sunny conditions make for naturally healthy grapes and are ideal for organic cultivation.

We have in total eight bodegas, with our main winery located in Chilecito in the Famatina Valley. In terms of certifications, we are BRC and ISO 9001 accredited.