With an annual production of around four million cases of wine, a total of eight bodegas and over 500 members, we have established a strong and professional commercial team at La Riojana to help carry out the everyday needs of the business at hand and to help meet the increasingly tough demands of the international export markets.

The export team is led by Walter Carol, who since joining La Riojana in 1999 has worked under the leadership of the managing director Roberto Mantovani. For contact details for individual team members, please click here.

Key members of our commercial and winemaking team include:


USA & Asia
Walter Carol

Latin America
Diego Decurgez

Deputy General Manager
Jorge MacQueen

UK & Europe
Nick Day

Facundo Fernández

Chief Winemaker
Dr. Rodolfo Griguol

Martin Palacio

General Manager
Roberto A. Mantovani

Agricultural Manager
Viviana Michel

In addition to our commercial and winemaking team, as a co-operative we have a board of directors who are generally responsible for the business decisions including the financial requirements and sustainability of the co-operative.