Olive Oil

In addition to wine and grape juice, we also produce our own extra virgin olive oil, both organic and non organic. Our olive oils are made from selected olives grown in the Antinaco Valleys - Los Colorados in La Rioja province, one of the most important olive producing regions in South America. Once harvested our olives are cold pressed to preserve all their nutrients and to achieve a 100% natural product. This results in an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil which is extracted from the first pressing.

Our extra virgin olive oil is a well balanced blend, made from Arauco, Arbequina and Manzanilla olive varieties and has a ripe olive bouquet with notes of almonds and spices.

Our extra virgin organic olive oil is made from a blend of Arauco and Manzanilla organic olive varieties which are free from pesticides. This olive oil has an aroma of green and ripe olives, with notes of dried fruits and a combination of spicy and sweet flavours.

Both of these products are supplied in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Grape Juice

In addition to wine and olive oil, we also produce grape juice. Our grape juice is a 100% natural product which is made from 100% organically grown Torrontés Riojano grapes from vineyards in the Famatina Valley, La Rioja province.

NatuVid is supplied in one litre tetra paks which due to their aseptic technology keep our grape juice safe, fresh and flavourful, as well as preservative free.