Image: lariojana-bodega(1).jpgLa Riojana has grown to become one of the most significant Argentine wineries in the world and is currently ranked Argentina’s third largest wine exporter (in volume).

Producing nearly 40 million litres of wine and four million cases a year; it is now exporting its range of products to some 20 countries. 

It has expanded and developed its range to cover both its own brands as well as provide an extensive own label service to leading multiple retailers across the world. 

Image: lariojana-bodega(11).JPGInternational exports

Our main export offices are located in Argentina. However we also run additional international offices in Europe, North America and Asia to give personal service and attention to our key customers and partners in the main wine markets around the world. 

It means products and ranges can be adapted to suit the local markets and individual wines, particularly for own label, produced for specific customers. 

This side of the business is overseen by export director Walter Carol.

To give the best service possible, we have a designated commercial manager for each one of our key export markets -  (

USA - Walter Carol  (e:


Europe - Nick Day (e:


Canada - Martin Palacio (e:


Asia and Latin America  - Facundo Fernández (


Own brands

Image: lariojana-Tilimuquirange(packshot).jpg
La Riojana now has six different main wine brands and we are constantly working on new lines and initiatives to bring to the market and keep up with consumer trends and demands.

Unlike most other Argentine wineries, La Riojana is able to provide a key point of difference in that our wines are either Fairtrade or organically produced or both. 

Our key ranges include: 

  • Raza Argentina – our flagship brand that includes three levels, varietal,
    Reserva and Gran Reserva
  • Santa Florentina  (Fairtrade)
  • Ecologica (Fairtrade and organic)
  • Tilimuqui (Fairtrade and organic)
  • La Posada (Fairtrade)
  • Fair & Square (Fairtrade) 

Own label

Image: lariojana-harvest(32).jpgOne of the key reasons why La Riojana has been able to build up such an extensive export and distribution business has been the close relationships we have built up with leading retailers in the key wine markets around the world. 

In addition to its branded offering, La Riojana is able to supply both own label and exclusive label wines to retailers worldwide.

Our position as the number one Fairtrade Argentine wine producer has also allowed us to build long standing partnerships with retailers that are firmly committed to sourcing and selling Fairtrade products. 

None more so than The Co-operative Group in the UK with which La Riojana has been working closely with since 2006.

Bulk wine 

Image: lariojana-grapes(19).jpgOver the years La Riojana has established a reputation as one of the most reliable wine suppliers in Argentina and is able to supply bulk wine to its commercial partners as part of an ongoing business relationship.

Other products 

Image: lariojana-oliveoil(8).jpeg

Olive Oil

La Riojana produces its own range of Fairtrade and Fairtrade organic extra virgin olive oil. These come from selected olives grown in the Antinaco Valleys - Los Colorados in La Rioja province, one of the most important olive producing regions in South America. 

We received Fairtrade certification for our olive oil in 2015, which not only makes us the first Fairtrade certified olive oil producer in Argentina but also the first in Latin America. 

All the olive oil produced by La Riojana is Fairtrade certified, extra virgin olive oil and it is entirely first cold pressed, therefore preserves the nutrients. 

Extra virgin Fairtrade olive oil

This is a balanced blend made from Arauco, Arbequina and Manzanilla olive varieties and has a ripe olive bouquet with notes of almonds and spices.

Extra virgin Fairtrade organic olive oil

This is a blend of Arauco and Manzanilla organic olive varieties, which are free from pesticides. This olive oil has an aroma of green and ripe olives, with notes of dried fruits and a combination of spicy and sweet flavours.

Grape juice

Image: lariojana-grapes(20).JPGIn addition to wine, La Riojana also produces grape juice. It is a 100% natural product made from 100% organically grown Torrontés Riojano grapes from vineyards in the Famatina Valley where many of our wines comes from.

We produce our own brand grape juice, Natuvid, which is supplied in 1 litre tetra paks.