International Exports

La Riojana has grown to become one of the most significant Argentine wineries in the world and is currently ranked Argentina’s third largest wine exporter (in volume).

Producing nearly 40 million litres of wine and four million cases a year; it is now exporting its range of products to some 20 countries.

It has expanded and developed its range to cover both its own brands as well as provide an extensive own label service to leading multiple retailers across the world.

Our main export offices are located in Argentina. However we also run additional international offices in Europe, North America and Asia to give personal service and attention to our key customers and partners in the main wine markets around the world.

It means products and ranges can be adapted to suit the local markets and individual wines, particularly for own label, produced for specific customers. This side of the business is overseen by export director Walter Carol. 

To give the best service possible, we have a designated commercial manager for each one of our key export markets:

USA - Walter Carol  (e:
Europe - Nick Day (e:
Canada - Martin Palacio (e:
Asia and Latin America  - Facundo Fernández (